Hyderabad under attack – Again

Three months after the dastardly terror attack at Mecca Masjid, Hyderabad was under attack yet again from extremist forces as two bomb blasts ripped through two of the popular weekend hangout joints. The first blast came at Lumbini Park wherein a laser light n’ sound show was in progress and innocent tourists were killed – few of them students from Maharashtra who were in Hyderabad on a study tour. The second blast occurred at the crowded Gokul Chaat outlet in Koti which was full of weekend-shoppers grabbing a bite of the popular chaat.

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The perpetrators of this heinous attacks probably were wishing that this would lead to communal disharmony and large-scale unrest in the otherwise peaceful city but nothing untoward has happened till now. Such people have no sense of humanity and have zero respect for the lives of innocent people 👿 They have this maniacal ideology stuck in their head that blowing up people will cause the destabilization of the society. What good they hope to achieve by that is beyond my understanding!

Though I can’t say that I have been unaffected by previous such incidents (these incidents are an attack against all humanity and not mere individuals) this particular attack brought with it a personal tragedy alongwith it as one of the victims was a close friend’s own brother. I may have met him just a few times but I have immense respect for him and to see his bright future end in such an inhuman way was most distressing. May is soul rest in peace. My heart goes out to my friend and his brother in this trying times and I hope that they gather all the courage and willpower to tide over these emotional moments.

3 thoughts on “Hyderabad under attack – Again

  1. Good thing is that the people have Hyderabad have held together. I salute the Hyderabadi Spirit of tolerance.

  2. Life has to go on…..

    But there will always be a niggling doubt whenever people go to public places……

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