Happy Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan

Today is Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi as it is fondly called. It is a popular Indian festival wherein women tie a Rakhi (holy thread, decorated or plain) on the wrist of their brothers as a symbol of affection and the brothers, on their part, avow to take care of and protect their sisters. The festival is celebrated not only between siblings related by birth; any two people – be it colleagues, classmates or just friends – can strengthen their brotherly & sisterly love and affection by tying the Rakhi/getting the Rakhi tied. One can read more details about the festivals here and here.

Though I don’t have an own sister, I have cousin sisters (two elder and one younger) who used to tie Rakhi on my wrist every year when I was young. As the years passed on, we migrated to different cities and the festival was relegated to postal rakhis and telephonic conversations. College days again saw a few classmates tie us Rakhis and it was more of a friendship gesture than a sibling love. I have been getting the Rakhi tied from my younger cousin for the past two years, thanks to us being in the same city now. But this year I could not go and had to just stick to a phone call and hoping for a weekend visit (Sorry R) 😦 . Anyways, enough about myself…let us turn the attention on you, the readers. Being not sentimentalist fellow myself, I am curious to know what does this festival means to you people. Please let me know your feelings in the comments. Happy Raksha Bandhan!!!

4 thoughts on “Happy Raksha Bandhan

  1. for me it was not just tying Rakhi on my brothes wrist it was more about the entire day and preparing for the day.

  2. Re: 1. Done

    Re: 2. I guess that the Girls tend to look forward to this day and prepare for it more than the Boys do!

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