3D Movies – Costly Affair

I happened to watch(again!) the movie Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix this Sunday at Prasadz and couldn’t help but have a it of heightened expectations about it being in 3D! Now I had seen Superman in 3D at the very same theatre and that was a memorable experience. I hoped that the boredom of seeing this one for the 3rd time would be overshadowed by the immersive experience of the 3D visuals. But I was in for a rude shock! The usher who was distributing the 3D Glasses uttered in a staccato tone that only the last twenty minutes of the movie is in 3D and you should put on these glasses then! I was like WTH yaar??? What’ll I do for the remnant of the near-two-hours? It was not like the glasses had FM radio in-built into them!

I managed to yawn away for the best part of the movie and btw, there was no intermission either; which left me in a bad mood and a badder thirst! After hemming and hawing for over one-and-a-half-hour, the glasses icon suddenly flashed on the screen and I was ushered outta my stupor and I put on the 3D glasses in keen anticipation. But when the 20-minutes-or-so of 3D action ended, I was back at my irritated best. For the scenes were not as immersive as I’d hoped and neither was the action so spectacular in a multi-dimensional way. Yeah, the winged creatures did seem to be flying right past me and the falling orbs did seem to surround me and the flying glass shards were all around me but it didn’t feel that nice or spell-binding.

Looking back, I feel that my gripe was maybe due to the too-little-too-less syndrome! After all a mere 20 minutes is not enough. Maybe they ought to have made the entire movie in 3D! But then a li’l googling led me to the fotm and it really is that the costs involved in making a full-fledged 3D movie is ENORMOUS! In Capitals! So if the entire movie would have been in 3D, I would have had to shell out maybe a thousand bucks instead of the 180 that I did pay! Phew!!!

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