Package Tracking in GMail

I noticed a wierd thing today in my GMail account. I was reading an Email containing a few phone numbers and there as a link to the right that implored me to check the DHL package status of the shipment with the number that was there in the mail!

GMail - Package Tracking

Now I’m not sure that there would be any DHL shipments with those particular waybill numbers (and I made sure just by clicking on the link 😀 ) but just out of curiosity, I looked it up and know what? its a GMail feature that’s been there since some time!

Now Gmail automatically detects addresses and tracking numbers, and displays useful information such as directions and package tracking alongside your messages. [Source]

A few people have blogged about it and some of them have shown apprehensions as to how it is a potential privacy violation. To those people, Google has an answer ready:

These links are produced automatically for your convenience. No humans read the content of your email in order to generate these links and none of them are sponsored by advertisers. We hope you’ll find them relevant and useful! [Source]

Yeah! People will find them relevant and useful, but a small minority who actually have shipments coming in via DHL or UPS and that too they have to have an email with the waybill numbers written therein!

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