Blufr is No More

The Kool Trivia game – has ceased to exist as of today. Parent co. has pulled the plug on Blufr; couldn’t find the reasons why. The Site now says:

R.I.P. Blufr is no more, but stay tuned because we’ve got other great features coming soon.

For the uninitiated, Blufr is an online trivia game in which players have to decide if the statements – called blufs – are true or false. After they choose their answer by clicking on “way” or “no way,” the correct answer is displayed, along with links to relevant topics in, the creator of the game. Players can keep score and see how they fare against other top contenders in the game.[Wikipedia]

I had the Blufr widget on my sidebar for long and though it wasn’t getting much clicks, some of the trivias posed therein were very interesting – ranging from the mundane to bizarre! AFAIR, my highest score in that was somewhere in the region of 2300 or so 😐 ! Time to clean up the sidebar…

2 thoughts on “Blufr is No More

  1. I found the blufs to be too amreeka-centric…but it was interesting nonetheless…RIP.

  2. There were a few related to Chinese food…. and moreover, it was an american site…so whaddaya xpect??

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