New Zealand Naturals – In Hyderabad

I happened to visit the New Zealand Naturals Ice Cream store near my Office today. This outlet had opened nearby some days ago and initially I thought it was some health Spa or something similar selling Bath salts or aromatic oils from the deep reaches of New Zealand…or maybe the middle earth!!! Little did I realize that it was a trans-tasmanic Ice Cream corporation!

NZN The name is a kinda misnomer because Ice Creams aren’t natural! I mean, milk and fruits and vanilla and other ingredients are naturally available; but there ought to be some artificial stuff added therein. Anyways, this outlet’s located on the busy stretch of road between Jubilee Hills Checkpost and L.V.Prasad Hospital and though that can’t be termed as an ideal location, there are a few IT co’s, a bank and few restaurants nearby which ensure adequate patronage. The shop’s a little cramped for space and at a given time, more than 6-7 people can’t stand within without bumping into each other! They have quite a decent array of flavors – some with really tongue-twisting names, like Hokey Pokey, BerryLishus, ChocoChillo etc. The main repertoire includes Smoothies, Shakes, Juices and Chillos (Ice-blended drinks). They use Ice Creams, fresh fruits, a wide array of sauces, Sorbets and even Yoghurt in their preparations. I had their ‘99% fat-free sundae’ with a combination of Rum n’ Raisin and Hokey Pokey with a wee dollop of caramel sauce. I frequently bite into the rum flavor over at Baskin Robbins but I kinda liked NZN’s better…was more rummy 😛 . Though Ice Creams cannot be counted as part of a healthy diet (and especially for people like me :mrgreen: ) I’d not recommend anyone to indulge in these delicacies but they should try them out at least once.

Address: New Zealand Naturals
Location: Opposite KBR Park, Banjara Hills Rd #2
Landmark: Next to the Hyundai Showroom (Building next to Aparna Crest/Sony World)

Links: Homepage | Singapore Homepage

2 thoughts on “New Zealand Naturals – In Hyderabad

  1. Hi.

    Your review starts offf and talks about your brand unawareness. NZN is the leading ice cream brand in the world and very strong in Asia Pacific. I am a resident of New Zealand and I have been watching this brand for a while now. I am a great fan of its fat free and trade marked ‘fruit flo’ products. The New Zealand govt is very strict on the technical specifications and I dont think they can claim anything which they arent. NZN has some great fat free and no added sugar products which pulls my family back there again and again as my wife is a diabetic. I had also visited the store on my visit to Hyd and I got to know that they were coming up with 16 outlets in the city and I guess by now there should already be 3 outlets by now. As you said the banjara store is bit conjested. Hope to see more from this brand.



  2. Hiya,

    I did admit that I thought it was a Spa at first 😳 but is it really that big a brand as, say, Baskin Robbins or even Kwality Walls for that matter? Itz a late entrant to India even though its been in Philippines and Singapore & even Sri Lanka for a while now!

    And they have opened another store at Raj Bhavan road (Nearer to moi home 😀 )…dunno abt. their 3rd store yet!

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