Digg ’tis Theme

After a dry August theme-wise, the WP guys have hit back with yet another Theme Monday – this time itz the Digg Three Column theme from WPDesigner a.k.a SmallPotato. The last theme came on 7.11 and exactly two months to the day, we get the Digg theme. Being a blue-colored theme, I took a fancy to it instantly and even though am not that enthused about a two-columned theme (having stuck with Unsleepable for quite a loooong time) this one does look better-aligned than Andreas09 or Ocean Mist or Garland….not to mention wayy cool 😎 . The greenish-hued tabs for the pages at the top must be a piece of real inspiration and also the whitish image borders (a la WLW. A nice all-round theme.

3 thoughts on “Digg ’tis Theme

  1. The comment form is lovely yellow, just as I liked it at Digg. Couldn’t resist posting crap comments like people do there :mrgreen:

  2. ugh! ‘Lovely Yellow’ ??

    Crappy Yellow is more like it :mrgreen:


  3. I meant that, with the following line 😛

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