Movie Review: Transformers

At first sight, a Movie about two rival Robo-Clans, the Autobots and the Decepticons, chasing an All-Powerful cube and descending upon Earth in an epic struggle, might sound far-fetched and may even prompt a wry smile or a chuckle. But once you see the movie, you are left wonderstruck (somewhat, maybe!) For this seemingly improbable and comic-book-fantasy tale is brought alive on screen in such a tremendous fashion that one can’t help but marvel at the flick.Its been more than a week since I’ve seen the movie but the sequences are still fresh in my memory…such was the impact of the movie’s powerful action sequences. Yeah, the fights were a bit un-trackable at times but that’s I guess is the beauty of it!


As outlined above, the Movie is all about two Robotic clans who have landed on Earth in search of a Powerful Cube. The Good bots – Autobots – are human-friendly and just want to find the Cube so that it doesn’t fall into the hands of the evil Decepticons. One of the Autobot disguises itself (err…Transforms itself is the correct word!) into a Car – which is bought by the purported hero of the movie – Sam (Shia LeBouf). He, alongwith teen-mechanic-turned-juvenile-car-thief Michaella (Megan Fox), learn of the Autobots honest intentions and help them in whatever way possible. Turns out that Sam’s (Great?) Grand Father had a chance encounter with the Evil Decepticons’ leader Megatron more than a hundred years ago and the co-ordinates of the Cube’s Location on earth were accidentally embedded into his spectacles (Unbelievable, but true!). Turns out that the very pair of spectacles are being auctioned off on eBay by Sam! The Decepticons are employing their own means of finding the cube – hacking into US Military bases to find details of an obscure project named Iceman and attacking those bases to ‘hide’ the hacking attempt. The US Government thinks it was an attack from a hostile nation and goes into an overdrive for finding the culprit. A lot of hi-tech mumbo jumbo follows, with the entry of some obscure govt. agency called Sector 7 (sic!) and the fact emerges that they had known of the bots’ existence all this while! They even have Megatron – nicely freezed under the Hoover Dam and researched upon! And it all goes horribly wrong at the last moment (expectedly) and Megatron is on the loose and mounts an attack on hapless civilization. It calls in several other Decepticons, each with cool names – Starscream, Barricade, Bonecrusher et al. And the Autobots – Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Jazz, Ironhide, Ratchet et al – disguised as suave vehicles vroom in at the opportune time.The Movie culminates in an epic confrontation between the Autobots and the Decepticons, a/w the US Marines and heavy-duty artillery in tow. Needless to say, good triumphs over evil!

More than the story of the movie, it is the execution which deserves plaudits. The bots are so grand in scale and their Transformation into seemingly innocuous vehicles is awe-inspiring. Though it is difficult to say one bot from another, the viewer is provided with the visuals of the ‘Good’ bots many a times so that they can memorize them. Decepticons are able to transform into heavy-artillery tanks, MIGs, Attack Copters and what-nots and their relentless pursuit of the Autobots at the end is too good. The movie scores 10 on 10 in the action, FX, Sounds and technical front but it disappoints somewhat at the end…what with the bots displaying ‘Human’ traits and emotions. The led pair has a few coy scenes, but none too steamy or saucy! Comedy is aplenty…be it the Teenage-Parents dialogues of the bots’ actions and utterances. There was one scene when the Marines try to Call the US Command and get connected to a Call center manned by a nose-picking Indian! That scene effectively was a spoof on Indian call centers and specifically the lackadaisical attitude of Cust. Serve reps and their advertising one or the other product to callers. The Sector 7 Mumbo-Jumbo is somewhat lame and tacky!!! But hey, when the MIB exists, this too can!

Shia LeBouf is competent as the geeky and gawky teenager and his apparent crush on Megan Fox was well enacted. You know, he was there as a baseball-wielding-foul-mouthed teen in Will smith’s I, Robot? Megan Fox looks ok but acting’s nothing to write about. Maybe she’ll improve with time (a la Kirsten Dunst or Emma Watson!) The real stars are the bots though and they are voiced by some of Hollywood’s greatest voice-actors. I’ve seen most of Michael Bay’s earlier movies (Bad Boys I & II, The Rock, Armageddon, Pearl Harbor) and IMHO, this one comes second only to The Rock. But only just! All said and done, watch Transformers if you love anything mechanical and also love digging into hardcore action flicks. This one suits the bill!

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2 thoughts on “Movie Review: Transformers

  1. Yeah, it was a good movie. Had it taken itself a little more seriously it would have been even better, but amazingly special effects.

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