The Microsoft Money Hoax has returned to haunt us again!

Netizens would remember the Microsoft Money Hoax that had been doing the rounds since early 2005 wherein it was announced that Microsoft and AOL were merging/Bill Gates would be sharing his fortune and urges the reader to forward the email – which would be tracked and the sender would be paid 245$ for each such forward and then again a sum of 244$ for each subsequent forwarding of that mail! In a nutshell, all absolute H-O-G-W-A-S-H 😆

Any sane-thinking individual would know at once that it is a hoax and brush it aside. The rumor was doing the rounds quite briskly at first and then kinda petered out before dying a natural death. But of late, it has reared its ugly head again and whatz more, it has ben refueled with a touch of imagination and is now accompanied by screenshots – of the bank accounts of people who have actually received the money as a cheque from Microsoft! These screenshots show an amount (varying between 12,000 INR and 1,00,000 INR) being credited into people’s accounts from ‘MICROSOFT CORPORATION,NW,KENSINGTON’ and the date of issue is being shown as 11th September, with the Credit happening on 12th/13th of September. I’ve no doubt that this is the handiwork of overzealous nerds with a penchant for Photoshop 👿 [See the images after the jump] Delving into it further, a cheque getting cleared and credited in two days flat is somewhat unheard of in banking circles and that too an International cheque! Secondly, Kensington is in London that too SW…no idea whether Microsoft has an office there! So it all boils down to being nothing more than a petty hoax, one that people are actually fanning the embers to maybe get it raging even further. Thumbs-down to such zealots; who I’m sure are getting bored of warming the bench in some or the other yem yen see :mrgreen:

References: Snopes Page on the Microsoft Hoax

Screenshots I’ve Received in Email:

Hoax 1

Hoax 2

5 thoughts on “The Microsoft Money Hoax has returned to haunt us again!

  1. I am trying my luck

  2. I’m not lucky, but still trying to be 🙂

  3. Hmm…I doubt whether your luck would ever hold out for a payment!

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