Moi HP DV6426us

The ‘Object of Desire’ has been delivered safely and it now awaits the moment of its destiny. The day is not far when the beauty does makes its way into my possession. Just a fortnight more and it will meet its master…never to be separated again! To keep me au courant of the beauty until the time that it arrives, my friend Mr.B has thoughtfully sent along some pix…of even the unveiling of the piece :mrgreen: See n’ njoy!!!

3 thoughts on “Moi HP DV6426us

  1. wah kya baat hain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    now everyone owns a lappy except me .what are u planning to do with the lappy besides surfing???
    put it some productive use like learning hacking over the internet hehehheehhehehehehehehehhe

  2. U have two (or maybe even more!) But we poor fellas have to make do with only one!

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