Twenty20 Fever…reaches a climax

Twenty20 World Cup It has gripped the whole nation (atleast, the bulk of it!). All around me I see debates, allegations, counter-allegations, predictions, score tallying, stat-throwing, bets, challenges and all the humdrum that can be (and is) associated with Cricket. Normally I am averse to talking/writing about cricket coz I see it in a much minusculer level than others do. And I am also not averse to supporting the opposing team whenever India takes the field. In fact I am known for this strong anti-patriotic trait whenever there are Cricket matches involving India being played (unless the opposition happens to be Kenya/Bangladesh/Zimbabwe). I have clarified then and I shall do so even now! The Indian within me wants the team to win, no doubt; but the inherent cricket lover can’t help but say that the opposition team – which play better cricket – will win. Say 7 times out of 10. And I have been proved correct at times whilst have been horribly proven wrong. This time around, the Indian team has dented all three of my predictions – that of them losing, first to England, then to South Africa and two days ago – to Australia. They have won on all three occasions and whilst the England win might have been called lucky (who slams six sixes in an over? And forget not that England racked up 200!); and the South African debacle was more of a self-immolation by the home team rather than a conquering by the Indians; the match against Australia was the only deserving one…of course IMHO :mrgreen:

As the curtain falls on the first-ever Twenty-Twenty World Cup, one hopes that India racks up a win and lay its hands on the coveted World Cup. But their opponents are not going to give up that easily…for they are Pakistan and this one’s the first-ever India – Pakistan match in a Tournament Final. So there’s huge emotion and pressure for both the teams; and the one that copes up better, will win on this day. May the best team win!!!

P.S: I’d predicted a narrow-margin win for Pakistan!

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