Chirutha Songs – Hindi Lyrics Galore

I was listening to some routine telugu songs on the jukebox today and wasn’t paying much attention to them initially. But as the playlist repeated some 3-4 times, I couldn’t help noticing that there were a few songs that had more than a fair sprinkling of Hindi lyrics in their midst! Now it is a known fact that of late many telugu songs have been incorporating hindi lines in their lyrics but this time the trend was much more predominant. Felt like I was listening to hindi songs with telugu lines in-between!

Investigation revealed that all of these songs were from the yet-to-be-released movie titled Chirutha (meaning Leopard??) starring Megastar Chiranjeevi’s son Ram Charan Tej. The music was by renowned music director Manisarma. Though the songs by themselves were of the foot-tapping and groovy type (not blockbusters, I must say!) the needless sprinkling of hindi all over the songs made them stand out that li’l bit. Sample this: “Twinkle twinkle little star aao aao mera pyaar…mere bahon me aa jaane jaana mujhe ishq me kar deewana ne nee to kalisi raana” or “ek bar ek bar dil ke paas aaja baar baar baar baar karle mazaa…ek baar ek baar pogariste pokiri….baar baar baar baar love kirkiri” !!!

To be fair to the lyricist/music dir, only three (or four?) songs have this seemingly excessive sprinkling of hindi therein. The rest of the songs are cool and are perfect examples of mass-y songs. This one will score big on the music front I think.

[Edit] I’ve found a PDF of the Lyrics here. Read for urself :mrgreen:

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  2. i think it,s a great post.

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