Biggest(?) Container Ship

Some email forwards never cease to irritate and amuse me at the same time. ‘Amuse’ may be said to be ‘make me curious’ and what follows invariably is that I allow myself a li’l smile after seeing them. Today’s forward – from Mr. A.P – was a newer one in the sense that I hadn’t seen/heard of it before. So it deserved some undivided attention. I received a collection of around a dozen photos of what seemed to be a huge ship! A close look and my usual investigation revealed that it was the longest container ship in the world! Nice find, I must say! I had to pen this down for posterity! This one would come under the category of Biggest/Largest! Quite a while ago, I had written about a Biggest Photo and a Huge Mine…this time around, it is the Largest Container Ship!!! The vessel in question is the Emma Maersk.

Emma Maersk - Longest Container Ship

The Emma Maersk is a container vessel that belongs to the Maersk group (I’m sure most of us would have seen humongous containers named Maersk Sealand either on a goods train or on a 16-wheeled truck). It was 2nd in the biggest-ships stakes until the leader – the Knock Nevis – was err…umm…retired from active duty. It stretches out to a gigantic length of 397 metres and moves at a speed of 26 Knots and what must be its most bizarre fact is that it has a crew of only 13 people!!! Must be supermen :mrgreen: Its stats sound just plain numbers to laymen like u and me but I’m sure they’re no mean numbers in the transportation world. Imagine such jumbos sailing around in the oceans…transporting cargoes from one port to another…and who knows, something we buy/see/use might have been brought ashore from a foreign country by this very behemoth 😛

4 thoughts on “Biggest(?) Container Ship

  1. Those 13 people are on-board to bring good luck to the ship, actually 😛

  2. Hey wait, Ocean’s 13 fits them 😛

  3. LOL! Ocean’s 13!!!

    Moreover, knowing ur err…umm…liking for the same-named Watson…howz it for “Emma has 13 men on-board” 😛

  4. C/V EMMA MAERSK, Only 13 crew. Master / CO / 2O / 3O / CENG / 2E / 3E / 4E TOTALY : 8 crews in command.

    Remains 5 crews. I think 1 bosun,2 A/B,1 donkeyman,1 oiler.

    Who making manoeuvre at the berthing on fwd / aft? 🙂

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