A mid-week holiday, that too on a Tuesday, can be very unsettling! The Monday in the midst will get scant respect and one starts to think about taking that day off so as to gain a four-straight-days of holidays. But I am not alone to think on similar lines…many an empty chairs on Monday led me to believe that people have been keeping their thinking caps on. Another thing that is slightly disadvantageous is that a general holiday (as opposed to the IT-industry-only-holiday of Saturday) sees even one’s kith and kin enjoying the day off and this invariably leads to what I prefer to call as courtesy calls :mrgreen:

giordano.PNGOne such call led me gallivanting off to hithertho un-visited corners of Hyderabad. In a short span of 4 hours, I covered the areas of Musheerabad, Nallakunta, Vidyanagar, RTC ‘X’ Roads, VST et al. The journey, thankfully was an interesting affair. Spotted en route were sights such as a serpentine queue for the tickets of the upcoming Ind – Aus cricket match that’s being staged at Hyderabad’s Uppal stadium on the 5th; a herd of camels strutting about; the Gandhi Medical College & Hospital (I’d no idea that it was located in that part of the city!) and also a fortress-like-row-of-buildings that I thought was the Govt. Mint. But was correctly pointed out to me as being the VST a.k.a Vazir Sultan Tobacco! Seemingly an ages-old tobacco factory. Once the destination was reached, I had to walk what seemed like a mile. And my new shoes – with their constant biting – did not make matters easy!!! The return back to familiar territory was a slightly incident-free affair but I did manage to nip into Lifestyle and ogle at some cool Giordano watches and also purchase some Fahrenheit tees. I also managed to pick up some Hercule Poirot DVD’s over at MusicWorld 😛 These escapades took away the bulk of what would have otherwise been a lazy day but I more than compensated for the hectic day with a bored-to-death night! Culminating in a Maggi cooking fiesta…followed by a much-deserved siesta 😀

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