Comments Counts Corrected!

Stats Working AgainThe Wierdness in the Blog Stats – that I’d mentioned day before yesterday – has been resolved! I’d posted a thread at the support forum and the people over at WP have fixed it pronto. Cheers to them!!! I also realized from one of the posts in the thread that I was needlessly getting paranoid about it. As long as the comments are intact, the display of the counts shouldn’t be much of a botheration. The Tags count is still awry though! But since the category-to-tag converter has just been implemented, I guess it will take some time to iron out the anomalies and hopefully they’ll be showing accurate counts in a few days time. Cheers to that too…

P.S: One C too many in the title :mrgreen:

One thought on “Comments Counts Corrected!

  1. Good Site! Keep Doing That!T

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