3 Gigs…and Counting…

Just noticed (with the help of Mr. V) that the GMail space counter has picked up speed allovasudden! And the mailbox space has been shored up to a little over 3GB!!! The counter shows 3.4 GB as of now.

Its been a few days since the ‘ramp-up’ has happened and the WWW is abuzz with this piece of news. It was apparently announced on the GMail blog and also has been Digged quite a lot! Why? one may wonder…well the reason was pretty simple:

People using Google Inc.’s Gmail service are sucking up storage space faster than the company can add it. Google said on Friday it is speeding up the rate at which it adds storage space for its Gmail Web-based e-mail service due to the increased storage requirements for attachments such as photos.

So if you want to see GMail top-up the battle of the bigger mailboxes (vis-a-vis Hotmail’s 5GB & Yahoo’s ∞GB [read unlimited]) then start cramming up all yer’s GMail accounts :mrgreen:

9 thoughts on “3 Gigs…and Counting…

  1. its Mr B buddy not Mr V….Anyway its nearer to 4GB…another 2-4 days it will reach this…….

  2. B?? Pshaw! For us, u’ll always be V 😛

    And I’d say it’ll reach 4GB by TG!

  3. it reached 4GB………..

  4. Hmm…Pretty soon that, eh!!

  5. Chitsy its now 6GB and counting……………………..

  6. hehhe…hou!

    BTW, Have u noticed? When the page loads, initially the counter’s at 27** but suddenly it re-loads to show 60** 😐

  7. I noticed that one……..but its 6 GB only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  9. @V: U can’t measure, rite? U only take it what the counter says 😛

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