Zapak Gameplex – Now in Hyderabad!

Zapak Gameplex A casual stroll on the Raj Bhavan road yesterday led me to a discovery of sorts. The gaming portal has opened a unique flagship store called Zapak Gameplex which I think is its first in Hyderabad. For the uninitiated, is a leading gaming portal offering free online games including multiplayer, arcade games, action games, sports games, flash games, strategy games, online adventure games and much more. It is owned by the Anil Ambani controlled Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group.

I remember reading about such a store being opened up in Bangalore, sometime in September and back then, the press announcement had stated that there were plans to open up 250 more such stores across the country. Gaming – as a pastime – is already popular in India and with PC’s and LAN’s and Torrents (as well as the neighborhood-pirated-game-cd-wallah) becoming ubiquitous nowadays, the gaming industry is on the rise. I confess that I too was (am?) an ardent gamer and though I prefer to play’em on a stand-alone PC, LAN-gaming is a pretty big hit. I play NFSU at Reliance WebWorld on Saturdays/Sundays and see hordes of youngsters hooked on to frag-a-thons with CS [Counter Strike, if you didn’t know!] And since both the WebWorlds and Gameplexes belong to the same company, it may happen that whilst the former will be retained for browsing and conferencing solutions, the latter may become exclusive game-cafes (Gaffes :mrgreen: )

FYI, the Gameplex’s Address is:
1st Floor
ISA Arcade [Above Koutons Showroom]
Raj Bhavan Road
Hyderabad – 500082

9 thoughts on “Zapak Gameplex – Now in Hyderabad!

  1. I have been a hardcore gamer……nice to see this blog…..will try this zapak one day

  2. Aila Pabi…still got the gaming streak in u?? Good…..will love to challenge u for a LAN game of NFSU or UT one day 🙂

  3. Wonderful post
    Zapak has been expanding a lot, lately.
    I was a total addict at Indiagames until Zapak came.
    The range and quality of games available at Zapak is just mindblowing.And to top it all, they now support it with offline events like Gameplexes.
    What I discoverd was that you can even embed their games as widgets in your blog. I tested one.
    Here is the link

    Although I have not yet started utilizing the full potential, I can see this adding a lot of value to gaming bloggers.
    Would like to see your comments about the same on my blog. : D

  4. ther r better gaming centers than gamplex in hyd.the mouse and the pcs over ther are not up to the mark the games jast gets inturrupted every minute.i have been ther.

  5. how can i get registered for gaming 2008

  6. can i get all the details of gaming 2008 and how should get the registration

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  8. hey is there multiplayer pc gaming like fifa n stuff.. or is it only X BOX

  9. Zapak Gameplex is also available at EAST Marredpally, Opp. State Bank of India, Near to Geetha Nursing Home. Have a happy gaming.

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