Brazilian Grand Prix: Grid Order is Massa, Hamilton, Kimi & Alonso

First thing I heard when I announced to friends that Felipe Massa had grabbed Pole Position for the season-ending Brazilian Grand Prix was that “Why does he have to butt into the three-way title race?”!!! Itz his home race maan…and he has to prove his fans and countrymen that he was no also-ran this season. Just that his challenge petered off at the wrong time!

Brazilian Grand Prix - Qualifying ImageThe Telecast of the Qualifying was on ESPN and I was glued to Star Sports and hence missed it, but reports suggested that Massa drove a quick lap to take pole position and even though Hamilton was quicker across the first two sectors, he settled for P2 rather than go all-out for pole. Kimi Raikkonen was impeded sort-of by Hamilton at the start of his flying lap and hence could manage only third fastest. Fernando Alonso suffered from an ill-advised setup change and came round only fourth fastest. Red Bull’s Mark Webber was a surprise 5th ahead of the BMW’s of Nick Heidfeld and Robert Kubica. Jarno Trulli, David Coulthard and Nico Rosberg round off the top 10.

For the Sunday Race, Hamilton is in the best position to pace his race and even if Raikkonen gets past him, I don’t thing Hamilton’s gonna let Alonso overtake him and would be quite content to let the Ferraris finish ahead with himself in 3rd place. It would be interesting if Alonso and Hamilton have a pitched battle for 3rd position and err… umm…contrive to take each other out :mrgreen:

Qualifying Reports: ESPNStar | |

7 thoughts on “Brazilian Grand Prix: Grid Order is Massa, Hamilton, Kimi & Alonso

  1. Stick to commmenting on things you have seen with your own eyes. I did see qualifying and none of what you claim is true, other than Massa got pole, Hamilton got second, Kimi got third and Alonso got fourth – and said he was completely happy with his car set up.

    Massa had a fantastic lap. He beat Hamilton fair and square when Hamilton made a mistake on the last sector. Kimi also made a mistake when he entered a corner too fast and lost time. At the point on the circuit when he passed Hamilton, Hamilton was way off the racing line leaving the pits, and Raikkonnen was already travelling too fast for that corner.

    Please, write what you know to be true, and not what you wish to be true. Don’t take away credit where it’s due: Massa did the best job in qualifying, forcing both his rivals to make errors in their attempts to try and beat him. Alonso said his car was setup for the maximum, and he drove to the maximum, and just got beaten. No subterfuge. Just not quick enough.

  2. Hamilton was no where to be seen! Raikkonnen an Massa we awesome right from the start! This was easily the best race I’ve seen with all the three contenders having an equal chance of winning till the very end.

    Well done Raikkonnen!

  3. @FD: What part sounded ‘made-up’?? The F1 report clearly mentioned “Lewis Hamilton, who admitted that he lost a tiny bit of pace at the end of the lap rather than risk what he had already gained over the rest of it.” and moreover, I never mentioned that it was the gospel!!! Don’t try to read too much ‘between the lines’!

  4. @LB: Awesome race it was! And Yeah, Kimi drove a blinder of a race to clinch victory as well as the championship crown. Hamilton had too much of bad luck – first going wide at turn two and then the gear-shift getting stuck in Neutral! At teh end, he just had too much to make up….

    @Mammu: Yeah, McLaren have appealed against the stewards’ decision to not-to-penalize WIlliams and BMW over a fuel temperature irregularity.

  5. thanks GOD that lewis lost i coudn t of coped with another london parade of so called winner ..they should keep their prediction to themselves and media should give us a brake with all that bravado for winning .lewis hamilton will never win the title ever no matter what .he need s to grow up and his team needs to stop being so racist ..long live Alonso BEST DRIVER AT THE MOMENT

  6. If Kimi hadn’t overtaken Massa at the 2nd Pitstop, Alonso would have been crowned champion! That highlights Massa’s importance (which was always going to be Important!)

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