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 Aaja Nachle marks the keenly-anticipated return of the Queen Bee, the Dancing Diva, the original Numero Uno (well, after Sridevi i.e.) Madhuri Dixit onto the silver screen after a hiatus of five years (AFAIR, her last appearance was in Hum Tumhaare Hain Sanam). Its another claim-to-fame is that it is from the Yash Raj banner. Their releases this year haven’t had music of the chart-topping kind; whilst Jhoom Barabar Jhoom and Chak De had the odd memorable track, Laaga Chunari Mein Daag had more of a mellifluous music than of  the hit kind!

Aaja NachleAaja Nachle’s music is by Salim – Sulaiman, who were responsible for many a good background score for movies such as Bhoot and Dhoom. The album kicks -off in style with the dance number Aaja Nachle whose promos are on-air nowadays and in which Madhuri absolutely looks good in a blue n’ black ensemble. Sung by Sunidhi Chauhan in her inimitable robust style, this song is the soul of the album and also has a reprise version – a fast-paced one which gets the listener into foot-tapping mood early-on. One gets to hear Madhuri’s sweet voice as she recites some lines of Sohniye Mil Jaa which seems like a quintessential melaa song. I dunno why but the song reminds me very much of the Pagdi Sambhaal Jatta song from Bhagat Singh (Ajay Devgan’s)…maybe because of Sukhwinder Singh’s vocals! Sunidhi Chauhan gets all recital-ly in Koi Patthar se na Maare which is essentially sung by Shreya Ghoshal with support from Sonu Nigam. This one seems to be a stage-performance song…of maybe a tragic love story. It has some heavy vocals, drum and sitar rhythms in the background that kinda lulls off the listener into stupor. Romance takes over in the next two tracks of Ishq Hua and Is Pal. Both are sung by Shreya and Sonu; the former is a light-hearted duet  and when I close my eyes, I can picturize it on Konkana Sen and Kunal Kapoor. The latter has some classical humming accompanied by light tabla beats and is slightly less-interesting than Ishq Hua.

An out n’ out English track is rare in Bollywood music (Dhoom’s Tata Young track comes to mind immediately) and one is pleasantly surprised as Dance With Me rolls on. Sonia Saigal is the singer which has a club/disco feel to it. I can’t remember and croon back any of the lyrics apart from the main lines!!! It gives way to a folk-sounding and spunky Show Me Your Jalwa. This song is also being shown in the newest promos on-air and has Mads in a rickshaw, roaming around town crooning this one. Richa Sharma’s voice doesn’t exactly suit Madhuri but Kailash Kher’s vocals more than make up for it. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan sings the soft n slow O Re Piya which has a touch of sadness to it. Light flute and harmonium rhythms add an even morose feel to it. Most probably a background song which shows separation and longing.

Overall, a nice compilation of songs which though not of the chartbuster kind has a soft n melodious feeling to it. Given the relatively new names behind this album, its only fair to say that they’ve done a good job. The title track of Aaja Nachle, the romantic Ishq Hua, the folksy Show Me Your Jalwa and stirring O Re Piya are the pick of the lot.

P.S: ITWOFS has an interesting tidbit about the music piece in the title track.

6 thoughts on “Now Listening: Aaja Nachle

  1. Can’t help feeling that this one’s gonna bomb too.

  2. The ad doesnt look promising. Am sure, there is curiosity to see Ms Nene back on screen, but not so much craze that people can be pulled to the cinemas.

  3. well who doesn’t love madhuri dixit. she still can make men crazy for her. and her beauty is everlasting. and acting talent… awesome! she is dream girl of every bollywood afficianado!

    The Story’s stolen from an Academy Award Nominated film ‘As it is in Heaven’, also Swades.

  4. hey, rahat’s o re piya will be going to be featured in a malaysian film. ive heard the song and its so beautiful.

    may i ask where can i found the translation of the song. ive been looking but its nowhere to be found.


  5. Madhuri Dixit is the best ever. The epitome of talent, beauty and grace.

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