Splash n’ Dash

I was planning to go down to my hometown for a small occasion (and also for kumara purnima 😛 ) and had booked the tickets some time ago – in September to be precise. But they were in waiting list and given the holiday rush and the travel season thats prevalant now, anyone would think that those would never get confirmed! But I had a sliver of hope, not the least coz ’twas W/L 1 😀

The day of the journey is today and the train’s scheduled departure is at 1600 HRS IST. And now it is 1300 HRS IST. Till a few minutes back, my ticket was still not confirmed and I had half-made-up my mind that I’d have to cancel the ticket and postpone my visit…but a last-minute check revealed that the reservation was confirmed!!! And I am left with a little over two hours to get packing and all ready!!!

*rushes out in mad haste*

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