The Week After Dussehra

Am at moi hometown of Berhampur, Orissa and the festive mood is just starting to wane down a wee bit. Dussehra’s behind us now and Diwali is still a fortnight away. The festive look and feel of the town and its marketplaces is still in place though. I haven’t yet traversed through the marketplace myself but a view from afar suggests that the mood is still upbeat. Diwali shopping picks up pace only towards the actual day of lights so the best is yet to come. I for one do regret that this year too I’ll be away from home on the occasion of Diwali! I’d been away in Hyderabad for the past three years and though the festivities there too are aplenty, it sure misses the small-town hullabaloo and masti!!! The full-moon day after Dussehra is celebrated in Orissa as Kumara Purnima and on that day, people worship Goddess Lakshmi – the Goddess of Wealth and all-night playing sessions of Chess or Cards are held. Though it is not strictly gambling, the occasional bet and banter do come into the picture here 😛 I have occasionally played the cards on this day and more often than not, I have returned a loser! This time though, lady luck was on my side and though not a hefty margin, I did rake up a few noteworthy wins :mrgreen:

Sadly, my hometown visit is coming to an end and I will be getting back to the daily grind of work pretty soon! But not with a sulking and defeatist attitude, but with a reinvigorated and rejuvenated freshness. After all, memories such as these will only bring out the inherent happiness to the fore. Rather than lamenting about it-would-have-been-better-if-it-were-a-few-days-more, I’d see it as am-fortunate-enough-to-have-that-little-sojourn!!!

P.S: Shouldn’t I mention that this was posted from my HP dv6426 using my slow n’ faithful dial-up connection?? :mrgreen:

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