Watched: Next

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*ing: Nicolas Cage, Jessica Alba & Julianne Moore

NEXT Movie Next is a movie about a magician called Chris (Cage) who can see the future! Well, not really the future of everyone, but he can see what is going to happen to/with/around him – 2 minutes before it really does happen! Call it ESP or Premonition or whatever, he sees a bit “ahead”. And that’s why hez in hiding…hiding from people who will experiment on him, hiding from being called a freak and what not! Till one day, he ‘sees’ wayy into the future…he sees a gal walking into a diner at a particular time and waits in that diner for each and everyday. Meanwhile, FBI learn of a Soviet Nuclear Bomb being stolen and smuggled into US and for some godforsaken reason, think that nabbing Cage and asking him to ‘see’ where it is gonna be detonated and then attempt to stop it within 2 minutes is a good idea! Agent Callie (Moore) chases him like there is no tomorrow but owing to his ‘foresight’, he escapes each time. He then meets Liz (Biel) the gal of his ‘visions’ and drives away with her to the Canyons…and observes that whenever he’s with her, he can see wayy into the future!!!

Whereas the premise of the movie is good, the execution is bad! There is a lot of mumbo-jumbo stuff and the whole Nuclear Missile thingy looks like pure bunkum! Even unbelievable is the romance between Cage & Biel and Moore’s adamancy in having Cage ‘look’ and warn them rather than taking some preventive action! She even ties him upto a chair n front of a TV and asks him to ‘see’ the news of the explosion and tell it to FBI so that they can stop it!!!Climax is both interesting and dull at the same time…as you think its gonna end in one way, it does so in a totally opposite fashion, thus leaving one choking on their Mirinda (I did that!). Not quite a surprise, coming as it does from the director of Die Another Day – the one with the invisible car and all – Lee Tamahori.

All the three lead actors look jaded and uninterested in the proceedings…Cage has never looked older (he is Old, after all!) and Biel has one towel-scene that raises some eyebrows and a few whistles. Directed by the same guy who did Die Another Day, the seemingly racy thriller loses steam midway and even doesn’t even have a ‘real’ climax fight! Based on some short story, the translation onto screen just doesn’t work. Only reason it was released here is that PVR is its Indian distributors! If u happen to come across this movie in a Multiplex, head over to the NEXT one! I mean the one playing in the next theatre….

3 thoughts on “Watched: Next

  1. I believe it was a good movie.Some bad parts in it,but other than that I liked it.A movie can’t always be perfect!

  2. Yup! Bits n’ pieces movie, it was!

  3. i didnt like the movie very much.

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