Home Netizen (and the Kilo Bits Vs. Kilo Bytes enigma!)

Have finally got a net connection at home! Something that was almost always in the pipeline and my procrastination was always getting the better of! Guess having the Notebook expedited things a wee bit. The connection’s purportedly broadband …256 Kbps. Notice the small-cased-b? It almost goes unnoticed always and means that the connection speed is two-hundred-fifty-six kilo-bits-per-second; which translates into thirty two kilo-bytes-per-second! Doesn’t sound all that fast n’ furious now, does it?

Anyways, a job well begun is half-done, so they say. I’ve no idea how that adage comes into appropriateness here, but what the heck! The ISP is Sify and though most advise-givers proffered Airtel, the fact that Sify was in close proximity to my abode decided things in its favor. The plan I’ve opted for runs the course of me getting an unlimited data transfer from 10 PM to 8 AM and between 8AM and 10PM, a data transfer cap of 150MB is applicable. Not bad, considering that I’ll be away at work for all of that time. Remains to be seen as to how I shall be going about in utilizing that speeds to get some stuff downloaded…if you know what I mean

Ahem…and more about that enigma I was talking about can be found here.

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