Fernando Alonso moves out of McLaren

McLaren have agreed to part company with their star driver Fernando Alonso, the 2005 & 2006 F1 World Champion, after only the first year of his 3-year contract. The McLaren website carried a statement:

Following a meeting between Fernando Alonso and McLaren, it was agreed that it would be in the best interests of both parties to bring the relationship to an end.
The mutual parting of ways has not been discussed until now, since it was felt that any such discussion could have seriously disrupted the team’s and Fernando’s 2007 Formula 1 World Championship challenge. Both parties believe that this was the right decision.

[Read more at McLaren & BBC Sport]

Well, the cat’s finally outta the bag! It was widely speculated towards the end of the season that Alonso would ‘move on’ and seek glory elsewhere; McLaren’s policy on driver equality and his teammate Lewis Hamilton’s run of success didn’t help matters either. Much has been written about how the F1 driver market was waiting for Alonso’s move & how his former team Renault would have loved to have him back and now that it has finally happened, I expect a few moving and shaking in the F1 firmament. Methinks Alonso will move backto Renault, with Toyota also a distinct possibility. Ferrari and BMW have confirmed driver line-ups and no other team has the sort of money to pay out to a two-time World Champ! Only time will tell…

4 thoughts on “Fernando Alonso moves out of McLaren

  1. I heard both Mclaren and Ferrari have a mutual agreement that they wont hire from the other team directly.

    So if Alonso wants to goto Ferrari, he has to move to another team first.

  2. Methinks that ‘agreement’ is confined only to Technical and Support staff….Drivers may not be under its purview!

  3. He should never have left Renault in the first place, I feel.

  4. But in hindsight, that was a good move…looking at Renault’s lack of pace this year. And the top drivers always would want to be with the Top teams. After becoming Champion two years in succession, Alonso might have started to feel that he must move onto bigger and better things!

    Sadly, he didn’t reckon Hamilton’s emergence and McLaren’s staunch equality policies!

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