Infocom 2007 comes to Hyderabad

Infocom 2007 The 2007 edition of Infocom – a technology fair being held in Kolkata since 2002 – is going to be held in Hyderabad, from 28th November to 1st December. Its a one-stop exhibition for all kinds of business and consumer technology products and is stated to be a platform for all tech-biggies to showcase their latest gizmos and gadgets and probably softwares and services too.

INFOCOM is the largest congregation of ICT professionals, buyers-sellers, corporate leaders, academics, visionaries, and policymakers in India.

NFOCOM, India’s largest ICT conference and exhibition, closely works with all stakeholders to create a powerful platform that endeavors to synergize and aid this process of change and transformation in India and abroad. It brings together some of the best global minds in hardware, software, telecom together with the experts on the business side and policy makers to brainstorm, showcase, network, brand-build and prepare for the best that is still to come.

Read more at Official Website | Express Computer Online

The banners and advertising hoardings caught my eye today and though I had a faint idea about Infocom, what felt interesting was its partnership with CeBIT! CeBIT is the World’s largest consumer expo, held in Hannover, Germany every year. I have regularly kept abreast of all the CeBIT news via Digit, IC CHIP and the web & would regularly read about the releases and their next avatars via Gizmodo and Engadget! Many an exciting innovation and next-gen products would be released first at CeBIT; in fact if I remember rightly, the first DVD player to play both Blu Ray and HD DVDs was unveiled at CeBIT itself! So I guess that makes Infocom 2007 a special event indeed. Shall hope to attend it when it comes to town. For the record, it’s been held at HITEX exhibition grounds, Madhapur, Hyderabad

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