Watched: The Bourne Ultimatum

It was a wait that was worth it! Ever since the movie released in August, I’ve been waiting to see it and have been intently ignoring any temptations for watching the bootlegged & pirated DVD’s. The Bourne Ultimatum finally released on the big screens in Hyderabad this week and me watched it pronto!

The Bourne Ultimatum The Bourne Ultimatum brings to a fitting finale, the search of Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) for his true identity, his past, for finding who he is actually and what made him into the cold-blooded killer that he is. The movie picks up from where Supremacy ended – in Moscow and in a span of a little under two hours, zips across continents and cities – Madrid, London,Tangiers and New York! A reporter for The Guardian in London acts as the catalyst in Bourne’s quest as he publishes a series of articles related to Jason Bourne and his identity. Finding the reporter – Ross, may lead Bourne to his sourceand he manages to catch up with him in London. But the CIA also is on the reporter’s heels and in a tingling action-packed sequence at the Waterloo station, Bourne loses the vital clue but gains another. His search takes him to Madrid and ultimately to Tangiers but the CIA and its sharpshooters are hot on his heels and in another chilling and this time death-defyingly-thrilling sequence, he packs’em off. Last stop – New York and amidst an internal skirmish in the CIA, Bourne gathers at last what he set out to find – the files that reveal his true identity and the location wherein he was made Jason Bourne!

Action-wise, this ought to rank as one of the best movies in recent time. Much of the action involves fisticuffs and good ol’ punches and jabs and this perfectly exemplifies the one-man-struggle that Bourne has to undertake. There are a few sniper-shoot’em-ups and car chases/crashes and some spectacular free-running stunts involving jumps and leaps across entire houses and windows but the essence of the action is in the hand-to-hand combats. One also can’t help marveling at Bourne’s ingenuity and his shrewd move-planning – most often at crucial times. There was muted applause (also some gasps and WTF’s) at some of the sequences, which was entirely worthy. Performances are top-notch. Matt Damon is A-One as Bourne and it is clearly evident that he has quite gotten into the skin of the character – across all the three movies. Julia Stiles as Nicky Parsons lends crucial support to Bourne but their history and past relationship is referenced but never brought about. David Straithairn and Joan Allen as the CIA Agents – one against and one for Bourne are good and their eagerness to killing vs. finding Bourne is well-picturised.

The star of the movie may undoubtedly be Damon but I (and also many other reviews I’ve read) feel that much of the pats should go to director Paul Greengrass. I’ve heard from friends and folks who’ve read the Ludlum books that the Movie’s not entirely faithful to the books but going from what I’ve seen on the screen, he sure did a helluva job. Raw action and especially the handheld-camera’s close-up shots are very well done and stand as the movie’s hallmark throughout the series. Something that might well be the signature style of Greengrass! Negative points? I for one felt that the past of Bourne was never really exposed entirely and so was his relationship with Nicky. Another slightly mystifying aspect for me was how Bourne manage to globetrot so often and so regularly without being caught! Must be coz he was trained to do so! All-in-all, a gripping end to an enthralling franchise. Not only is the movie a must-see but also the three-in-one DVD (if one comes out at all) is a must-buy for all action movie buffs.

3 thoughts on “Watched: The Bourne Ultimatum

  1. one hell of a movie. i am also a big fan of the soundtrack. listening to it in my car makes me feel lively.

    i hope there are more movies in this series.

  2. I listened to a bit of the Soundtrack during the end credits and it sure was groovy!!! Shall try to get that if possible….

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