Two Years of WordPress-ing

  • 4th November, 2005 – I download and install Flock & get a free WordPress invite alongwith it.
  • 5th November 2005 – I sign-up for a Blog @ Decide that I’ll put in my own name in the Blog’s URI rather than any fancy or namby-pamby nickname!
  • 6th November 2005 – I mull all-day about what to call my blog? Which title to choose? Dunno how it came by but My Wierd Wired World was chosen at last! To this day people keep telling me that Wierd is spelt incorrectly! Well, thatz part of the Wierdness!
  • 7th November 2005 – Penned my first posts – this and this. Well, to be frank, edited the first Hello world post and penned the latter one just after that.

And why all this stats-penning? Coz My Wierd Wired World just turned two!!!

Image Courtesy

Happy Birthday to it!

3 thoughts on “Two Years of WordPress-ing

  1. Congratulations on the two years 😀

  2. Happy Wierd Budday!

  3. Thankums! And wishing you a Happy Diwali….

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