Yahoo Mail! – System’s Down

As much as I’d hate to believe it, it is indeed true! And the wierdest part is that it is happening for me only! I’ve cross-checked with a few friends across town and they are all able to access it 😦 What is it with me and Yahoo Mail being inaccessible?? It happened to me sometime ago and now again! This time it ain’t opening for me in both Firefox and IE7.

Yahoo Mail Down

The error message says that its some sorta system glitch. But then how come others are able to access it? Sure beats me! And while the Yahoo team’s alarms keep on blaring in the basement, I’ll head over to other hangout places and twiddle moi thumbs 👿

6 thoughts on “Yahoo Mail! – System’s Down

  1. It is Friday, November 9th.
    The time is 2:50 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.
    I have not been able to access any yahoo login for nearly two hours! I’ve tried logging in my mail, my yahoo, and any other area that needs a login. It keeps flashing the hourglass, and the top bar of IE alternates between saying, “Yahoo Mail the best web-based email…” and “https://login…”

    I can’t get into my email at all!


  2. Hi,
    I am trying to login to yahoo from yesterday night. I am not able to log in. I am getting same dumb message. You know any cure for this?

  3. @Rajiv: I’m able to access it fine. Maybe it was a temporary glitch and should be resolved now.

  4. I am also not able to open my yahoo mail account, giving same error (System down).

  5. me too. often.

    i’ve had a yahoo account for years – it used to be reliable.

    If reliability is a factor in choosing who you use for your email then it seems like you should not choose yahoo.

    I’m going to start using someone else.

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