Google Diwali Logo

Google has always had some nifty logos on its homepage on all festive and important occasions. The last one I remember was on Halloween’s Day. Sometimes I wish Google also puts in Logos for regional festivals…at least on its country-specific sites (say And its not like there aren’t any logos for Indian festivals and events! Balachander, a guy from Chennai has created few Google logos for Pongal as well as Diwali. Sample this:

Google Diwali Logo

Good work Bala! Check out the official Google Holiday Logos page as well as the unofficial Google Logos page created and maintained by self-confessing Google fans for more logos.

24 thoughts on “Google Diwali Logo

  1. google really needs to do something for the hindus. i mean yahoo is stepping up their game and advertising us

  2. GOOGLE DIWALI is an nice logo…………………………..

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