Trilogy Time on TV

The Indian Festival season has just finished but the American one is just starting off. What with Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year’s eve approaching. And that means lotsa discount sales (on phoren websites mostly) and entertainment galore on TV. And by the ads I keep seeing, I can say that movie series are the most popular ones. Whilst the Die Hard Trilogy is panning itself out on Star Movies, rival movie channel HBO has the Harry Potter – The First Three Years lined up. Technically speaking, the latter’s not a trilogy but whatever!!! Sony Pix has an Alfred Hitchcock movie fest in the pipeline this month…some memorable movies like The Birds, Vertigo & Psycho are gonna be telecasted. Which reminds me, where does one take out the time to see such classics???

That also reminds me of this:

Bourne Collection DVD

The Bourne Collection – all the three Bourne movies in a set of 4 DVD’s has released this week. Priced at 40$, it would make a nice festival gift *hint hint* :mrgreen: One can buy it here. I guess this one won’t come on the small box anytime soon!!!

2 thoughts on “Trilogy Time on TV

  1. 3 movies on 4 DVDs?

  2. 4th DVD is a special one with Bonus features and some ludlum stuff

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