Bloxorz – An Addictive Flash Game

I’d recently stumbled upon this online games site (courtesy, a sharp-eyed colleague) and whilst browsing through its repertoire of free games, this wierdly-named game called Bloxorz caught my eye. Its a flash game wherein one has to roll along a rectangular cuboid across an intricate floor and make it drop into a square shaped hole located somewhere on the floor.


The block has to be controlled with the arrow keys and should be turned and flipped around in such a way that it doesn’t fall off the floor. Overall it has 33 stages and each upcoming stage is more challenging and time-consuming than the previous. Some stages have special switches that activate or de-activate bridges that aid in the block’s movement. A Cross-shaped switch will get activated only when the block is landed upright on it and a round-shaped switch will get activated even if the block land son it sideways. There is another crescent-shaped switch that will teleport the block into two pieces, which are to be controlled independently of each other. Some stages have fragile wooden tiles (orange colored) that will collapse if the block stands vertically atop them. So they should be navigated only sideways. Even though it sounds pretty complex, once you get the hang of things, its a pretty easily-navigable game. It encourages some lateral out-of-the-box thinking and also a three-dimensional-outlook towards imagining shapes and how they’ll end up when flipped over or turned.

I had started playing this just about a week ago and initially I used to resume playing all over again when I re-started the game the next day. The game has a passcode feature wherein each stage will have a unique numbered passcode. One can simply enter it and resume playing at the same level as one was previously! I overlooked that and ended up playing the first 8 stages again and again!!! I ultimately finished all the 33 stages yesterday; spanning a total of 3 hours of game-time and a little under a thousand moves. *yay* to me!


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