Finished: Need For Speed Underground

Most of my friends know that I used to play lot of Games on my PC back in my School and College days. But few knew that even after Graduating, I have kept alive the gaming spirit within me, alive and kicking! Alas, lack of suitable hardware and the non-proliferation of cheaply available game titles have put a full-stop to my home-playing but not one to be disappointed, I have continued playing’ em at Reliance Web Worlds 😀

NFS Underground

After dabbling in UT & CS for a little while, I knuckled up to play Need For Speed Underground and after nearly 3 months, have finished all the races in the Underground mode. That would be a total of 112 out of 111 campaigns (wierd, but that was how it was!) And why it took me nearly three months to accomplish that (as compared to most of the gamers who do it in a week’s time) was because I used to do so only on Sundays and that too not all Sundays. In the real sense of time, my gameplay would have lasted for a little over two weeks – with on an average of 1 hour play time. It would be good to dish out some stats, wouldn’t it:

  • 112 Campaigns Completed
  • 5 – Star Reputation achieved
  • Made it onto 17 Magazine Covers
  • 1st Rank in each of the Circuit, Drag, Drift, Sprint & Knockout race types
  • Total of 366 Race starts with 154 Race wins
  • Won some real nifty tune-ups and upgrades (from TJ & Samantha) – most memorable one being the Dragon-like paint job!
  • Most-Driven Car: Mazda RX-7 & Honda Civic
  • Most Favored Mode: Sprint
  • Least Favored Mode: Drift
  • Most immersive soundtrack: Fortress Europe and Out of Control

I’ve tried to take some screenshots of the end-game credits et al but couldn’t! I’d have also loved to win more online races. I participated in 3 and won only one. The Time-zone difference and lack of sufficient bandwidth deterred me from playing more online races. Playing over the LAN was also not as popular for NFS as it was for CS! So, nothing else to do with NFSU now other than…quit! I know I’ve been behind-the-times; what with NFSU 2, NFS Most Wanted, NFS Carbon and now, NFS ProStreet calling the shots. But hey, better late than never, eh!

Next Up: NFS Carbon (Most Wanted didn’t run on my Notebook!)

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6 thoughts on “Finished: Need For Speed Underground

  1. Samantha? You’ve been playing NFS: Underground 2 and not the first one! 😀

  2. Or maybe not 😕 No Street X?

  3. @Harsh: No Yaar, Itz the First one….am positive. There was Eddie, Samantha, TJ, Klutch and the whole Gang from 1.

    Street X? Thats in 2….haven’t played that yet!

  4. Congrats n Partyyyyyyyyyyyyy 🙂

  5. Hyd mein milegaa 👿

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