Airtel’s Shoddy Customer Service

Airtel, the flagship communications company of the Bharti Group and one of India’s most trusted brands, boasts of excellent customer services and satisfaction guaranteed for its millions of users and customers. But for a new customer inquiring about their services, they show scan respect and a nonchalant attitude. I have heard only good words for Airtel and its broadband services in Hyderabad and hence I thought I’ll inquire about their offer plans and tariffs before making a switch. I had called up their toll-free number displayed on a hoarding exhorting their broadband services and an agent politely requested me to check up on their website for the address of my nearest Airtel Customer Service Center.

A brief search on their website later, I headed off to their Kundanbagh office (located in the white house building). Once there, I awaited my turn at the counter and when I presented by broadband query, was directed to the 8th floor office coz that was where the “broadband people” were sitting. Now the white house has three blocks and all of them have 8th floors…so it was a veritable treasure hunt for me as I scoured each of Block I and II before I landed up at the IIIrd block and voila! The Airtel office was there on the 8th floor (BTW, none of the parking attendants and guards I asked knew about its exact location…all they said was ‘look at the floor plan boards’). Once at the lobby, I inquired as to where I can get information regarding new broadband connections and know what did I get to hear in response? “You can ask at the customer service office located on the main road of block I” 👿 Then I explained that it was them who had directed me here, and was made to wait for sometime as they called their “rep”! And a 20-minute wait later, was told that I can leave my number and the “rep” will call me back in two days!!! Having no other choice, I did that.

That was on Thursday and today is Sunday! So after not hearing from them within “2 days”, I am now penning this down and am also shooting off an e-mail, complaining about their “excellent customer service” or rather the lack of it!

P.S: The brightside of the in-vain visit


5 thoughts on “Airtel’s Shoddy Customer Service

  1. Thanks for the post about this experience. Not recommending to anyone (family or otherwise) in Hyderabad about them.

  2. Ppl. who are already Airtel customers are singing paeans for its service! But imagine if a wannabe customer gets this treatment, what to expect of existing customers 👿

  3. I have put my number Post paid number in safe custody, with in a span of 2 months I wanted to activate my number, but I spoke to customer case & found that my number is deactivated & send to prepaid to some other customer. I tried sending many mails for past 20 days, but no replies or no call & no status updates from Airtel. I have been promised that it will get activated on
    in next 2 days, like that it has extended for 20 days, but no news till now. I keep on sending mails but no response. Airtel is at its poorest service.

    Be cautious of putting numbers in safe custody with Airtel. It is hazardous to got for Safe Custody. It is similar to closing the connection.

    Airtel promises Rs. 100/= per bill if it is not resolved in time. But they have not kept the words for more than 5-6 times. I have raised some 5 complaints regarding this. But none of the Airtel Customer service people have courtesy to call me back & give me the in formations.

    As per the TRAI Rules, even a number if deactivated, that particular number should not be used for 3 months. Even Airtel is not following TRAI rules.

    Be cautious with Airtel Services & false promises.

  4. Have you ever been asked whether your office is made of brick or granite???? oh yeah… a new high in customer service from Airtel.

    Here i am, pis*ed with airtel network, unable to dial out from my mobile to other airtel numbers for almost a week now…and wut do i do? i call the ‘customer service’…..

    The reply i get…. “sir, is your office made of brick or granite??” how the heck does it matter, i wonder.. but then its airtel, and everything’s possible….

  5. @Christopher: Too bad! I think they wanted to put the blame of lack of connectivity on the thick walls of houses/buildings 👿 You should have told them: “at least its stronger than your network u &$^%%#&@^#”

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