Thanks for the Vacations

Day two of an extended 4-day-weekend and am already feelin’ bored! It’s Thanksgiving Week in the US and courtesy some generous ppl. out there, we’ve managed to garner an err..ummm….vacation this Thursday and Friday. Hence the 4-day weekend, including Sat & Sun. A big thanks to the people behind it!

Other than getting bored, I’ve seemed to accomplish little…notwithstanding the NFSU exploits and commenting on anti-communist posts 😛 but there are a few productive tasks in the pipeline [*procrastination*] – a visit to Princeton Review ; a Marriage to attend; decide whether to appear or not to appear for this; and a few other mundane tasks. Sigh! Have to get started now……

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2 thoughts on “Thanks for the Vacations

  1. enjoy the weekend. add a few more kilos. 😛

  2. Kaunse kilos? Ahh…u mean the knowledge I’ll be gaining :mrgreen:

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