Force India F1 – The Team, The Livery, The Website & More…

It is common knowledge by now that the erstwhile Spyker F1 team is now the Force India F1 team, after being taken over by a consortium (Orange India Holdings) led by maverick Indian Tycoon Dr. Vijay Mallya & European businessman Michiel Mol. The team has already concluded their winter testing at Catalunya and are hoping towards more productive testing across the beginning of next year. I came to know of their logo and website just today and both of them are pretty impressive; although there’s some room for improvement in the latter!

Force India Logo

The car livery is predominantly white & maroon burgundy now and it remains to be seen if Mallya’s intentions of getting the tricolor onto the car will be fruitful. See all the pics of the Force India F1 car here.

The team’s journey will start with the 2008 season, at the Melbourne Grand Prix when the team’s newly designed livery, will be launched on track for the first time.

Adrian Sutil is their only “probably confirmed” driver for next season and speculation is rife as to who will partner him. The contenders include Vitantonio Liuzzi, Christian Klien and even Ralf Schumacher! Indian drivers Narain Karthikeyan and Karun Chandok are also said to be in the fray; what with Karthikeyan relinquishing his Williams test driver role and Chandok donning the same role, albeit at Red Bull. As I say most often than not: only time will tell…

8 thoughts on “Force India F1 – The Team, The Livery, The Website & More…

  1. I didn’t know Force India had launched their website. Thanks for the news. 🙂

    By the way, I personally want to see one of Karthikeyan or Chandok filling the vacant driver’s seat.

  2. I agree with Dr Mallay, that the second driver should be of reputation, consistency and experienced. Mere emplying the rokies would n’t help Force India to rise. As an Indian, I woul also like an Indian driver, but as a professional I would go for Rubbens Brrichello. He is the one driver who knows what a car is, how to handle it and how to win. With Rubbens not available, the second choice is then Christian Klien. Well if karthekeyan and Chandok perform better, then why not they be included in any of the Formula cars? Though passionate about Karthikeyan, I would also love to see Chandok ina Formula 1 Car.

  3. Rubens may not be free next year. With Brawn joining Honda, he may want to have someone he’s worked with previously, in the team.

    Ralf may not be that bad an option either…he’s got the experience but lacks pace and importantly, motivation. Chandok maybe is still too raw for F1!

  4. I am very happy to c this website. i am very proud of myself ,because Karthikeyan is from my city…….. karthikeyan is a man who can get the check flag 4 India…….. comon karthikeyan beat the track, its waiting for u…………..

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  6. I would like to share that Force India F1 has an official fan club. It can be accessed on Club Force
    you will find a lot of similar discussions. Do visit it. May the force be with you 🙂

  7. @Tanya: I know. I wrote about it here

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