Now Ads inside PDF’s also!

Advertisers and Advertisements have inundated our lives, literally! They’re all over the place – be it around us in the physical world or be it in the virtual world. In recent times, digital or online advertisements have reached hitherto unreachable places as well. Case in point is the Yahoo Messenger. Earlier versions had the option to turn off unwanted pop-ups, banners etc but the current version has an ungainly perennial ad-bar at the bottom!

Now comes the news that these Ads will even make it into static PDF’s as well!!! Reuters India reports about how Adobe and Yahoo are testing out running of ads within PDF files.

Software maker Adobe Systems Inc and Internet company Yahoo Inc said on Wednesday they will offer a service to let publishers run advertisements in Adobe’s popular document-reading format.
The new service, Ads for Adobe PDF Powered by Yahoo, presents publishers with an alternative to conventional subscriptions, which, if widely adopted, could open up a new model based on free, ad-supported publishing, analysts said. [More]

Ah well, as long as they keep their Adobe Reader free, these ads will be but a little thorn-in-the-flesh for readers. And avid readers and heavy PDF users can take heart from the fact that these ads will be “text-based” and “displayed in a panel adjacent to the content with no moving or flashing elements”; which, I hope so, can be turned off at will!

Speaking of ads, airline tickets have had them at the back for quite some time now. And the Indian Railways is one-up on them…having included their ads smack in the middle of their e-tickets:


2 thoughts on “Now Ads inside PDF’s also!

  1. World-changing news..

  2. which it isn’t 😀

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