7 Awesome Movie Deaths

Ever wondered what kinda death would be the most memorable one? No, I’ve not gone bonkers & neither have I turned a horrible Necromancer! I’m talking about on-screen deaths or Movie-deaths. Which on-screen character’s death was most memorable? Who went away in such a blaze of glory that the death became a living legend? No no…don’t rack your brains…I’ve the answer

Cracked.com’s come up with a nifty list of 7 Movie Deaths that would be Awesome to have on your Tombstone! It may sound grim and prosaic but once you are done reading through, I’m sure you’ll LOL away!!! I came upon this hilarious piece of writing while I was browsing through (of all sites) Digg on a boring Sunday night. Now I’ve only seen five out of those seven movies but never have I though them deaths as anything else but, well, deaths. Now they seem really awesome :mrgreen:

P.S: If you liked the tombstone images and would like to get something similar, head over to the tombstone generator!


2 thoughts on “7 Awesome Movie Deaths

  1. Good one that, ycee!

  2. 😀

    There are more such nice stuff therein…

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