The Slate’s Wiped Clean

Two Years and Five Months. That’s how long I have been using this PC (from which I’m typing right now) For some godforsaken reason that I don’t remember now, it came with Windows 2003 Server. Despite not being a programmer, coder or application developer, I’d been using it as usual. Neither have I hosted any client-server apps on it nor have I used it as a webserver/app-server.

And for some unforeseen reason again, realization dawned upon the admin folks that its potential was not being tapped fully (as well as my ingenuity was being curtailed!) and hence it was decided to wipe the slate clean…i.e. format the hdd and gimme a new OS! I firmly said no to Vista and asked for either a Mac or a Fedora…at least some Ubuntu yaar! But no, I was saddled with the ubiquitous Windows XP; with the old n’ dreary IE 6 and WMP 9!!!

Felt wierd at first…almost like the colours have ebbed away from one’s life! No Window Blinds, no ClearType, no MS Office and horrors…no Firefox or Gmail or Skype or WLW either! Rubbing salt was the fact that over 4 gigs of entertainment (incl. yempeethrees, reals, mpegs, divxs, avis & movs) were gone up in smoke!!! Sigh…how ordinary has life become! But not to worries….I’ve started filling in the colors again (read downloading & installing them utilities) and hopefully by this time tomorrow, Life’ll become chirpy and happening and full-of-color as it was previously :mrgreen:

2 thoughts on “The Slate’s Wiped Clean

  1. hey xp is a cool OS. One of the best releases from MS. And I read somewhere that the SP3 due in Jan’08 would make it slightly faster – upto 10%.

    Hope Vista learns something from expeee 🙂

  2. 24 hours later…am still to bring up my m/c upto full usability 😦

    +: I get to use WMP 11 😀

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