Flickr Toys – Do more with your Pics

I came across this interesting website – BigHugeLabs – [Via Lazybug > Kishore] which has loads of online utilities and tools which can be used to create a whole gamut of fun stuff from one’s digital images. Also called as fd’s flickr toys, its the brainchild of one John although the site seems to be maintained by some Watson Consulting. The site’s primarily usage stems from Flickr images – which can be used over there by allowing some permissions and they can be used to create a whole lot of stuff. One can also upload images from the local machine or provide a Photobucket image or just the URL of any Image on the web. And what can one do with these images? Well, there’s quite an exhaustive list of utilities that are available on the site that can be used to transform your images. Its only limited by one’s creativity I guess! Apart from image-enhancing utilities, the site also features some nifty tools that can make easy work of image uploading/tagging/deleting unto one’s flickr account; and there even are some cool games (pictorial games of corz) that one can play for fun. All of those can be grouped as under:

  • Utilities: badge maker, calendar creator, movie poster maker, trading card creator, wallpaper creator, hockneyizer, billboard generator, lolcat generator, blog header creator, badge creator, cube creator, frame maker, motivational pic maker, bead art creator, warholizer et al

  • Tools: Flickr wall, mosaic maker, cd cover maker, captioner, photo streamer, fortune teller, palette creator, profile widget creator, on-black viewer, pool cleaner, flickr uploader, sunset tabulator, camera finder et al

  • Toys: name that contact, favourite finder, guess the title, jigsaw maker et al

All of these and then some more…all for FREE! (One has to pay for ordering prints etc but apart from that its free). I’ve spent the last few hours on that site and have dabbled a bit in almost all the tools n’ utilities but there still is so much more to explore. I guess one can easily spend an entire day or maybe even more on it and even then one mayn’t try out all the available features! Thanks to the folks who’ve created it…because of them, I can do much more with my images. And I have too….check them out after the jump…

My Flickr Profile Widget:

Yerramalli. Get yours at

My Photographr Badge:
BigHugeLabs Badge

The FotoFramer:
BigHugeLabs Frame

My Warholized Image:
BigHugeLabs Warholized

The Movie Poster:
BigHugeLabs Poster

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