Chat Xpress – for snackers & chatters

Chaat Think about Chaat and the name of Gokul Chaat springs to mind for any Hyderabadi. [For the ignoramuses, Chaat (Hindi: चाट) is a typical Indian savoury snack usually made from potatoes/chickpeas/kabuli chana and laced with spices, sauces, condiments and garnished with onions and coriander leaves]. For most people Gokul might be too far but there are several other places which, though are not as famous as Gokul, serve delicious Chaats. One newly opened such chaat place is the Chat Xpress outlet at Amrutha Mall, Somajiguda. Located at the same place as the erstwhile Pizza Inn, the outlet is run by the same people who run Baker’s Inn in the front. The cooks are from North India so one needn’t fear of the Andhra touch in the snacks!

The place has a seating capacity of about 20 people and can’t be said as too spacious but the few times I’ve been there, I hadn’t had to wait for a table at all. They serve all the typical chaat items which they categorize under Rajdhani Xpress, Takatak Xpress and Pavbhaji Xpress. Takatak items are the ones that can be prepared in a jiffy and include the usual samosas, cutlets, tikkis, ragadas, sev puri and dahi puri. The Rajdhani cadre makes up of Raj Kachori & Laccha Tokri. The Pavbhaji spread consists of Masala, Rajdhani, Regular & Special Pavbhaji (which btw, is a snack made up of bread/bun called pav roasted in ghee and served with spicy curry or bhaji accompanied with onions & lemon). And of course, the usual suspects of Paanipuri and Bhelpuri are also available. And then there is the Juice Xpress serving freshly made fruit juice or milk shake of your choice.

Having tasted most of the items on offer, I’d recommend a combo-snack of Paanipuri (small puris served with tamarind/pudina water and chana curry), Laccha Tokri (fried potatoes moulded into a bowl-shaped container, filled with curry and spiked with tamarind, tomato and pudhina chutney & garnished with fine sev and onions) and culminated in a freshly-made Pineapple juice. Other recommended savories would include the Raj Kachori (big kachori filled with spicy curry and sauces), Paneer Samosa, Alu Tikki, Rajdhani pavbhaji or the Regular Pavbhaji. For people who don’t like much spicy snacks or would prefer a dry snack instead, there’s sev puri, bhel puri or papdi ragada. Prices are all moderate – with the chaats priced in the range of Rs. 22 – Rs. 28 and Pavbhaji items priced with Rs. 30 – Rs. 40. Juices & shakes are slightly over-priced at Rs. 22 and Rs. 30 respectively and the taste also isn’t anything to sing about, so can be skipped altogether. A typical 4-item combo for two people will cost you about a hundred bucks and the portions too are adequate so supper can be converted into dinner as well! If you are in the mood (or are posessed by some italian or chinese devil!) you can also order the Pizzas and Chinese stuff from the adjoining Bakers’ Inn(they have the same kitchen).

Place: Chat Xpress
Serves: Chaats, Pavbhaji, Samosas and Juices
Location: Amrutha Mall, Somajiguda
(Its located to the side – the parking lane between Amrutha Mall and Babu Khan Mall)
Pricing: Moderate
Meal for Two: 80 – 120/-
Rating: 4/5

P.S: Will post some self-clicked pics soon!

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