Sudden Deluge of English Flicks

Was surprised (pleasantly, if I may say so) to see not one or two but a total of four Hollywood flicks release this Friday! PVR at Punjagutta is screening these four movies this weekend and some have already sold out for all of Saturday and Sunday! The movies that released are:

  • I am Legend [IMDB] starring Will Smith
  • The Contract [IMDB] starring John Cusack and Morgan Freeman
  • Breach [IMDB] starring Ryan Phillippe and Laura Linney
  • Air Buddies [IMDB] starring five talking puppies!

Now, except I am Legend – which is releasing worldwide today itself – the remaining three have already released in the US and elsewhere but are coming to the Indian screens just this week. Predictably enough, Legend has been sold out…but I was never one to see a Sci-Fi, viral-epidemic movie on the first week itself! Different matter altogether that I’d caught Resident Evil I on its premiere 😳 . I may (just may) try out Breach. Contract sounds too huma-drama-ish whilst the other one is for kids!

6 thoughts on “Sudden Deluge of English Flicks

  1. Here we had I Am Legend, Stardust and 1408. I’ve already seen the last two, and Stardust is a neat movie! 😛

    Gotta see I Am Legend soon, can’t miss Will Smith. But not much dialogues in that one man show, so I guess it won’t be as good as his others 😐

  2. No romance or fully barbs or trademark sneers n’ leers! And the idea of him battling against Vampires/Zombies et al ain’t too enticing either! Maybe if there were Robots…..

    1408? The author-in-hotel-room one? Heard its spooky but not good!

  3. Yeah that one, and its pretty average, for a Samuel Jackson movie 😛

    Robots … Will shouldn’t have acted in I, Robot! He spoiled it. It sucked. The book by Asimov had more stuff in it than that movie. 😦

  4. It was too warped, methinks! And nowadays its claim-to-fame might just be that Shia LeBouf was innit 😛

    Snakes on a Plane was airing today. SLJ any good in that either?

  5. Snakes on a Plane … AHHAAHAAAAA! That’s is a PURE Samuel Jackson movie. Pure as in *********kin Snakes on a *********kin plane.

    Those *********kin words are everywhere in the movie. It was made only for the sole reason of pouring out *********kin words to the audience.

  6. Hehhhe……too bad I missed it! It will air again, I’m sure.

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