Uh Oh! V Got Loldogs!

Phurst there wer Lolcats at the lolcat site: I Can Has Cheezburger.

When the Cats is have own feline-dom, is the Dogs and the canine-dom be left behind?

So lots of Loldogs come with their own loldog sites. [V searched for loldogs at that Google and this come]

The lolcat peepul have start their loldog site also: I Has a Hotdog

Please to visit and see it dogs.

k thx bai!

P.S: Iz it a Loldog?


8 thoughts on “Uh Oh! V Got Loldogs!

  1. Someone ought to stop this nonsense! THIS IS DOGGGGAAAAAAAA! Er, yeah, that sorta nonsense. DO NOT WANT!

  2. No it’s not.

    I don’t know why this site is so popular. It is irritating to read.

  3. LOL! peepul should read, lol and forget. Not to take back with oneself.

    IMO, its ok as long as the pets aren’t being made to do the ‘poses’ that one sees in the pics.

  4. Oh man, a site for the dogs was badly needed. I absolutely love lolcats. Every morning, i check the pics and have a quiet chuckle. It makes my day.

  5. Now u can have two quiet chuckles 😀

  6. Lite. Merko utna nahi pasand woh I can has cheezburger.

  7. Main bhi kabhi kabhaar visit kartoon….mera submission bhi ek hae 😛

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