Freedom at (Mid)Night

Nope! This post ain’t about the book of the similar name. But instead refers to moi state of mind at nights. I’ve discontinued my ISP subscription for the time being – in view of the upcoming holidays and the subsequent journeys & trips – and will be without nighttime-connectivity for at least a month…or maybe even more. While I can easily claim it was an easy decision for me, skeptics (read friends and roommates) argue to the contrary. Why would anyone want to sever one’s ties with the online world is their question and I simply answer them with a shrug of the shoulders :mrgreen:

Its a been there done that kinda scenario for me. After all, I was connectivity-free till the OOD arrived and even for sometime after that. I honestly think that a month’s sabbatical (if one can call that!) would do a whole lot of good for me. I haven’t indulged in any of my fav pursuits ever since the advent of the ood – 4 books, 8 journals, 3 audio cd’s, 1 rubik’s cube, 1 tangram box (new one) and other miscellany are awaiting my attention. Time to turn attention onto them.

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