Force India’s 2nd Driver is Giancarlo Fisichella

Ex-Renault driver Ginacarlo Fisichella has been named as the second driver for the Force India F1 Team for the 2008 Season.

Italian Giancarlo Fisichella was confirmed as Force India Formula One team’s second driver for the 2008 season on Thursday.Fisichella, who drove for Renault last season, will team up with German driver Adrian Sutil, who was a rookie last year with the Spyker team that Indian billionaire Vijay Mallya bought into and renamed.

The team also named Fisichella’s compatriot Vitantonio Liuzzi as the test and reserve driver [Reuters]

Personally, I think it is a bad choice as Fisichella has had a sordid reputation as not being aggressive enough and has been generally looked down upon as “easy meat” by fellow-drivers. Remembre Kimi’s storming overtaking maneuver over him at Suzuka? And also his allowing Michael Schumacher to pass-by when Alonso was chasing him in third place? Force India could do with a real aggressive driver during their rookie season in F1. Agreed, the other choice – Ralf Schumacher – also is considered to be a spent force in F1. Given that, it might be the best they can manage. Of course, Fisichella’s got the experience under his belt and maybe that’s what Mallya wanted – an all-out fast and young driver in Adrian Sutil and an experienced campaigner in Fisichella!

All the best to the Force India Formula One team!!!

5 thoughts on “Force India’s 2nd Driver is Giancarlo Fisichella

  1. No other team in F1 is named after a country…

  2. Errr……Nope!

    Many have the Principal Sponsor’s or the Engine/Chassis supplier’s name….’Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro’ or ‘West McLaren-Mercedes’ and so on!

  3. Hey,

    i honestly think that Fisichella is a good choice considering the circumstances. You cant afford to have 2 young aggressive drivers.

    Remember this season there’s no traction and ABS – so u need some experience on the grid.

    Also id like to tell u that Force India F1 has an official Fan club. It can be accessed on Club Force

    You’ll find a lot of discussions like these. So do visit and hopefully blog about it:) – lets make our numbers bigger! May the Force be With You.

  4. I guess you’re correct. Experience is needed….especially with the non-ABS and non-Traction Control.

    And Tx for the update about Club Force…. will join it ASAP

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