Sultan :: The Warrior

Question: Which is “India’s Biggest 3D Animation Film – Featuring India’s Biggest Superstar”?

Sultan The Warrior If you thought it was “The Return of Don” starring Amitabh Bachchan, you’re wrong! In fact it is Sultan :: The Warrior featuring none other that Southern Superstar – Rajnikanth! Touted to be the biggest 3D animated film ever to be made in India, Sultan will star the animated version of Rajni in the title role and also voiced by him. The film is being produced by AdLabs and will be directed by Rajni’s daughter Soundarya Rajnikanth. Other biggies behind this project are art director Thota Tharani and Music director A.R.Rahman. The budget of the movie is said to be somewhere in the range of 40-50 crores and it will have Chennai-based Ocher Studios doing the bulk of the animation with International help as well. [Wikipedia]

I first heard of this project quite some months ago, but it never occurred to be until I noticed a full-page ad in yesterday’s ToI supplement of Hyderabad Times. I guess animation would be a better option to maintain youthfulness and fairness rather than resorting to skin-grafting or digital-film-enhancement! Also, the action and gestures can be made to look believable in case of an animated movie. No one would exclaim WTF!!! but instead will reassure themselves by saying Its a cartoon yaar!!! :mrgreen:

More: Official Site | Wikipedia | Times Of India Ad |

P.S: Is it just me or does this movie remind one of Prince of Persia??

2 thoughts on “Sultan :: The Warrior

  1. iam complite in maya & 3d max
    appa holywood padam pola erukku
    nan unga companyla work panna asai paduren
    enakku oru vaupu tharungal…. pls
    padam supera varum
    holywoodla ellorum payanthu poga poranga parunga
    ennaku romba perumaya errukku…

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