Club Force – Official Fan Club of Force India F1 Team

The Force India F1 Team now has an Official Fan Club of its own! Club Force it is called and can be accessed at

The site runs on the ONEsite platform of Social Networking Software and has a lot of features including Blogging, Photo and Video Sharing, Tagging, Rating, Flagging, Commenting, Built-in Messaging, and Groups. Users have to sign-up and create a minisite of their own – which encompasses a blog, photo gallery and a video gallery. Users can also join in any of the several groups that abound on the site and network with other like-minded people. As on today, the site boasts of 4000+ users, 600+ blog posts and 3000+ photos!

The site is somewhat tacky and navigation isn’t too smooth either. The home link is tucked away at the bottom of the page for some obscure reason! Anyways, let me not get too myself and get all critical and judgmental! Point is, the Force India Fan Club is up and running, and all F1 racing enthusiasts from India (and overseas as well) should join in and root for the first Indian team on the grid.

May the Force be with Us

Thanks to Ram Rao for sharing this info in his comment on an earlier post.

8 thoughts on “Club Force – Official Fan Club of Force India F1 Team

  1. Thanks for the acknowledgement! your analysis is pointed and concise – great job! And yes – May the Force be With Us!

  2. Tx.

    And Thank You for pointing that out.

  3. This information is great & working. It will make india proud. Pics are also stunning one.

    Came across something called
    Force India Club .
    Some really Interesting information here. Even pics !

  4. the above link has good forum on force india……..and other teams too….

  5. I love Force India F1Team!

  6. force india initiative have led us to a global platform…..i vil support it in every possible way…..nd will join it as a soon as i get chance….

  7. i have got a force india signed t-shirt they are of ADRIAN SUTIL AND VITANTONIO LIUZZI i was wondering if any of you would like to buy it off me cause i would love to give it to one of you if u want it send me an e-mail to say how much you are going to buy it for and say that you a from the force India FAN CLUB


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