Quickie Music Reviews – Bombay to Bangkok & Sunday

Bombay to Bangkok: This album consists of four standard tracks and two remixes – which are done by four different music directors! Title song Bombay to Bangkok is sung and composed by Sukhwinder Singh and is a foot-tapping solo dance number. The Pritam-composed Dil ka haal sune dilwala is a love duet that includes several western beats and seems a kinda travel-song. Dheere Dheere, sung by up n’ coming singer Zubeen Garg and composed by Ronnie Shirish, is a melodious romantic solo that grows on you with each repeat listening. The pick of the lot is Same same but different which is sung with aplomb by Kay Kay with lead cast Shreyas Talpade and Lena lending some vocals in between. The song mirrors the lead characters aptly, as in the fact that they’re same but different! Having a mishmash of English, Hindi and Thai sentences, this one is a catchy number.

Dheere Dheere and Same same but different re-appear in their Remix avatars and the latter sounds much better in the remix than the original one.

My Rating: 2/5

Sunday: This album consists of five tracks, one theme and three remixes. Again, the five tracks are composed by five different music directors! Pakistani band Suroor contributes the song Pyaar to hona hi hai which is a melodious & romantic number, in all probability a background number. Sung by Kamran Bari and Mohammad Ali, it has some mellifluous lyrics and some soulful rendition. Manzar  is a track composed and sung by Raghav Sachar and has some rap-stuff incorporated into it which makes it somewhat noisy! Sandeep Chowta contributes the title track Missing Sunday which is sung by newcomers (?) Suraj and Mahua (Ex-VIVA gal I hear) and is laced with some English rap again! Mahua’s voice is of the husky type (and reminded me of another Ayesha Takia number in the Telugu movie Super!)  and though this song has minimal lyrics and is high on music/beats/rhythm, she does a decent job. Kashmakash is a Shibani Kashyap solo that starts off slowly but steadily increases in the vocal quotient and peaks in a crescendo. Its said to be the climax song picturised on Esha Deol. Daler Mehndi makes an eloquent entry into the album with his Loot Liya, sung in accompaniment with Sunidhi Chauhan. A peppy and high-beat number, it has a slight bhangra touch to it. Daler’s loo-loo-loo-loot liya rendition is also quite catchy.

Sunday Theme is mostly an instrumental number, which starts off with rather loud guitar riffs and accompanied by some drum beats and with English lyrics in the background. Quite ubiquitously, the word Sunday keeps on recurring throughout the theme! Missing Sunday, Kashmakash and Pyaar to hona hi hai re-appear in their remix avatars – added beats, rhythm and whatnots! Pick of the lot would be Kashmakash, Loot Liya and Manzar.

My Rating: 3/5

4 thoughts on “Quickie Music Reviews – Bombay to Bangkok & Sunday

  1. Btw, sunday is a remake of Anukokunda oka roju. I wonder how rohit shetty would have screwed up the movie.

  2. Yep! The “missing sunday” part of the trailer was a giveaway to that fact!

    He made it a comedy…and seeing the trailers, Irrfan Khan seems to be having some hilarious one-liners 😀

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  4. please tell me. i know that song missing sunday is taken from a english song. the beat. But i just cant figure out witch english song that is. if somebody know please tell me

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