Sharapova Triumphs

Maria Sharapova has won the Australian Open Tennis title by beating Ana Ivanovic in two sets [7-5 6-3]. And it was exactly what I had predicted a few days ago (“P.S: I’m tipping Sharapova to come up trumps in the Ladies’ Finals and FedEx to win the Men’s!”). Well, I know the latter part of that sentence isn’t going to come true but hey, Sharu won yaar! Thats good enough. And unlike yesterday, I did get to see the replay of the match and the entire presentation ceremony later. Sharapova was the fastest off the blocks and even broke Inanovic’s serve to get ahead but a couple of double faults brought the game level again. But Sharu converted another break point and won the first set. Second set was more easy for Sharu as she broke Ivanovic’s serve in the seventh and ninth games to win the set, match and championship. [Match Report]

Maria Sharapova

This is Sharapova’s third Grand Slam title after the Wimbledon and US Open and with the French Open coming up, she has a chance at the Career Grand Slam!
And she’s still 20! Admiration Well done Sharu….

3 thoughts on “Sharapova Triumphs

  1. What a weird picture, its as if John the martian is standing next to her. 😛

    She still has tons to win, which of course, she would, but then again, she may not, but if she does she will, and if that happens she’d break records, maybe not many but a few or maybe beat all. Ok, I’m over and out now.

  2. I clicked that pic off the TV 😛 and put some ‘soft focus’ around it!

    She’s got age on her side…but she still seems fragile and all….

  3. She is fully doped to the gills.

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