(Spam) Milestone II

Akismet has caught 50,598 spam for you since you first installed it.

That’s quite a lot of spam, considering that moi Blog contains about 650 posts which have received a little over 2200 legit comments! Of course, I keep deleting oh-so-many seemingly-legit-but-inane-nevertheless comments but even then this is an extremely high number of junk! Thanks Akismet! This place would have been a dumpster if it weren’t for you (or else I’d have become a madman trying to manually delete all those spam comments!)

P.S: I harked back to the Archives and guess what! A little under an year ago (Feb 25th) the legit comments count stood at 1000 whilst spam count had touched 10000. And a year down the line, comments have doubled whereas spam has multiplied five times!!! 👿

2 thoughts on “(Spam) Milestone II

  1. My spam count is just over 11k. And I went past 100 posts only recently!

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