BBC says Delhi to hit 0°C on Feb 1st

Acc. to BBC’s weather forecast, National Capital Delhi will record its lowest ever temperature in 72 years, tomorrow – February 1st! The temperature will drop to 0° Centigrade i.e. freezing temperatures!

Over the last few days, the mercury is dipping and if the weather forecast is correct, Friday could be Delhi’s coldest day in 72 years. The BBC weather forecast says the minimum will hit zero on Friday. [Yahoo News]

Indian Meteorological Department, however says it won’t touch zero but ‘may’ reach 1°C! As if that one degree will make any difference! Delhi’ites, better be prepared for the chill. Am lucky to be down south in Hyderabad, where the forecast says it will be a bright and sunny day tomorrow with an estimated temperature of 24°C 😀

10 thoughts on “BBC says Delhi to hit 0°C on Feb 1st

  1. Was waiting to freeze…however….the mercury says 5 degrees…

    1st Feb 08

  2. Good for delhi’ites! BBC Will have to eat humble cold pie now 😛

  3. Hell yeah its cold…brrr…shivers me timbers….anyways just cant wait for this cold to get over…

  4. Itz Cold in Gurgaon also?

    A li’l bit of cold is anyday better than lotsa Sunshine and baking heat, dont’ya think? 😉

  5. well gurgaon is a part of NCR, its adjacent to Delhi, so if delhi is cold gurgaon is cold as well, in my case cold-er, as its in a open area with lots of greenery, so that adds to the shivers…

    well like someone once famously said…”too much of everything is bad”…so hot or cold…too much or too less is bad

  6. I like the chilliness of Winter…but here in Hyd, it already feels Summer’ish 😐

  7. i hope this timeaorund Delhi also get any such days it would be very nice to see m courious as the days r passing n winter coming closer 😉

  8. 0 versus 1 makes a huge difference! If it’s 0 standing water will freeze – at 1 it won’t!

  9. I m comfortable in sub zero temp.Freezing or O degree could b tolerable. But drought would be much more crucial.

    Salil Gupta, Moradabad

  10. gud i like, delhi

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